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Window Glass Options

Triple-Glazed vs. Dual-Glazed Glass Option

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Surber's Triple-glazed dual titanium low-E glass, krypton gas
standard dual glazed sputter coated low-E glass with argon gas

Surber's Triple-Glazed Dual Titanium Low-E Glass, Krypton Gas

Standard Dual-Glazed Sputter Coated Low-E Glass, Argon Gas


The figure above illustrates the performance of Surber’s Elite with a very low heat loss rate (low U-factor). In this case there are three glazing layers and two Low-E coatings, 3/8" krypton gas and 3/8"krypton gas fill between glazing, and Dura-Lite Spacer. With this window, both Low-E coatings are spectrally selective in order to minimize solar heat gain. This window is best suited for climates with both significant heating and cooling loads.


R-Value Vs U-Factor. What is more important?


R-Value stands for thermal resistance, and is typically measured in the center of glass only. R-Value does not measure the windows unit’s overall efficiency. U-factor is more important factor when evaluating energy efficiency. According to the US Dept. of Energy, Lawrence Berkley Labs- You shouldn’t consider a window with a U-Factor over .22.


Please notice that the standard dual pane windows with Low E and Argon gas do not meet the recommended U-Factor of .22 suggested by the US Dept. of Energy. While, Surber’s Elite series windows out performs the recommended guide lines of US Dept. of Energy.







The photocatalytic properties of the glass coating are energized by UV rays to help slowly break down and loosen organic dirt.

The hydrophilic properties cause water to sheet evenly over the glass surface instead of beading. This sheeting action helps to flush the surface clean and to accelerate drying, leaving the glass with minimal spotting and streaking.


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Double Hung Windows

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